SFLC.in Learning Call

Misinformation during Elections 

Provided that a majority of digital users do not have the awareness or means to distinguish deepfake content from authentic content, it has a vast power to distort the truth, manipulate public opinion and spread fake news. This risk is aggravated during periods when the flow of information becomes more volatile, such as election seasons. With the reach and credibility that digital technologies provide, many users often share digitally doctored and manipulated content relating to political parties, figures, manifestos, etc. unknowingly and can be active contributors to the spread of misinformation.

Hence, the Software Freedom Law Center, India (SFLC.in) is organizing a virtual closed-door learning call to assess the legal and policy implications of electoral misinformation caused by deepfake technology. This learning call seeks to analyze the heightened threat of deepfakes to manipulate democratic processes and potentially impact electoral outcomes, understand the preventive measures implemented by various stakeholders, and equip the attendees with the tools to identify, verify, and report deepfakes, promoting informed decision-making in the upcoming election season.

The learning call will be addressing the following:

  1. Aggravated risks posed by deep fake content compared to conventional forms of misinformation/fake news and its influence on electoral outcomes
  2. Mapping the legal and regulatory landscape, including MeitY’s guidelines and the Election Commission’s Voluntary Code of Ethics
  3. Role of regulators, social media intermediaries and developers to overcome the present challenges in fact-checking electoral information
  4. AI-enabled tools and provenance measures to detect and filter deep fakes on digital platforms (labelling, waterproofing, etc.)
  5. Takeaways for users: how to identify, verify and report deep fakes and form opinions accordingly during the upcoming election season

The following speakers will be sharing their expertise in the call:

1. Rohit Kumar – Founding Partner, The Quantum Hub
2. Rakesh Dubbudu – Founder, Factly India & Dataful
3. Divyendra Singh Jadoun – Founder, The Indian Deepfaker

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