Ballots and Bots: Elections 2024 in a Digital World

The event seeks to delve into the pivotal role of technology on our electoral processes. As we gear up for the 2024 General Election, the pressing need to address the nexus between truth, misinformation, and the rapidly advancing role of artificial intelligence has arisen.

The event will have two panel discussions :
Panel 1: Truth or Tale? Misinformation During Elections – The importance of being able to separate fact from fiction is more crucial than ever. Our expert panel aims to highlight the impact of misinformation on voter decisions and explore strategies to uphold the integrity of our electoral process.

Panel 2: Decoding Democracy 2.0: Navigating AI’s Impact on Elections – It is crucial to explore the multifaceted influence of artificial intelligence on the electoral landscape. The panel aims to highlight AI’s potential to empower the electorate while acknowledging the vulnerabilities to manipulation.

The discussions will be followed by a networking dinner.

🗓️ 7th March
🕓 4 pm to 8 pm
📍 India International Centre, Annexe, New Delhi